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Launch your new product in a virtual world!

Are you looking to increase traffic to your virtual booths? Nothing lands a sale quite like that intimate, one-on-one time with customers. Webinars and virtual conferences are unengaging and don't have the same marketing power as getting to see, feel, and explore products and offerings for yourself. So how do you recreate that one-on-one experience in a virtual setting?

We’ve got the solution. A TPM Virtual Brand Experience creates a virtual display piece that can house all your marketing materials in an immersive and interactive way. Not only can TPM house the materials, but we can also create all of your custom training and marketing content to be housed in the experience. Immerse your customer in a full, 360-degree interactive experience from the comfort of their living room while they learn all about your products and services.

The TPM Virtual Brand Experience can serve as a virtual trade show booth when you’re online and can double as an in-person booth highlight while you’re in-person on a conference floor. Use it for one-on-one meetings with customers or use it as a take-away demonstration.

A TPM Virtual Brand Experience can live anywhere. It works on iOS, Android, desktop browser, or any virtual reality headset. Target your audience on the devices they use most or develop a cross-platform solution that’s accessible to them no matter where they are.

All your customers need to do is download the app or visit your website. They can explore your brand experience on their own or go on a guided tour where a sales rep or manager can see what’s happening, guide the customer experience, and use voice-chat to discuss key messaging.

* The demo versions provided below are specifically branded for TPM. We wanted to create something that still promoted our brand as innovative and cutting-edge, but we also wanted to bring everybody a much-needed breath of fresh air with a Zen mountain escape. A TPM Brand Experience can take any form; let your imagination run wild and we will bring it to life for you!

  • Interactive Product Demonstration. Use this section to simulate your product or service in action using an immersive 360-degree interactive experience.
  • 3D Data Room. Show off studies, results, patient demographics, testimonials, and other important data. The Brand Experience application can also house PDF materials like PIs and IFUs.
  • Media Library. Create a virtual library of videos, demo reels, interviews, and more!
  • Company Branding. Our Brand Experience’s menu, UI, and icons are easily rebranded to fit your company’s colors and style standards.
  • Pre-Existing Materials. We can quickly upload your pre-existing marketing materials, including videos, advertisements, PDFs, demonstrations, and 3D assets and animations.
  • Facilitated Tour. By viewing the experience at the same time, or by screen-sharing over conference tools, your sales representatives can use a Virtual Brand Experience as a tool to facilitate sales calls.
  • CAMPUS. Your Brand Experience can come with an “admin” mode that allows you to customize content to target specific customers and create links to external programs for voice-chat and screen-sharing capabilities.
  • Custom Backgrounds and Lobby Space. Our 3D designers can work with your marketing team to make highly customized environments for your customers to engage with.
  • Demonstration Reels. We can create 3D simulations and animations or use your pre-existing virtual marketing tools to create “demo reels” that can be played from the Media Library.
  • Interactive Experience. We can use 3D animation to create specialized demonstrations and interactive experiences that show how your product or service works, including MOA/MOD, medical device, and more.