How Augmented Reality Helps Train Hospital Staff on Proper Lead Placement and Patient Monitoring
How Augmented Reality Helps Train Hospital Staff on Proper Lead Placement and Patient Monitoring

Training your staff on proper practices can present challenges. Not everyone learns at the same rate or the same way, and everyone on staff brings a wide variety of life and work experience to the table. How can you do this effectively? 

In years past, maybe it was attending a seminar or watching it be done a few times, but those results can vary greatly. That’s where augmented reality (AR) comes into play. Tipping Point Media was approached by a client who needed to showcase the proper placement of ECG electrodes and what to look for in follow-up patient monitoring for their hospital staff. 

Creating an AR Environment to Help Train Hospital Staff

Tipping Point Media was able to create an award-winning augmented reality application to complement the client’s clinical excellence services offerings. The application currently consists of the following:

  • A patient monitoring alarm system was built to help hospital staff become familiar with the audio and visual cues associated with each priority-level alarm
  • The app included a tool that allowed users to spin a wheel to reveal the leads where ST elevation occurs during five myocardial infarctions (MIs)
  • This feature included a rotatable, 3D heart model with areas of ischemia highlighted
  • Interactive features allowed users to practice proper lead placement and visually showed arrhythmia of waveform associated with its corresponding status

How AR Medical Simulation Helped

The client’s feedback was excellent, and they quickly requested a suite of additional exercises to be housed inside the application. The solution is currently being utilized at conferences and in hospitals around the country.

Contact Tipping Point Media to Create AR Medical Simulations for You

Whether you are trying to train your staff in a new treatment method or showcase your product to healthcare providers in a more meaningful way, we are here for you. Contact us today for more information about what we can do for you or to create a demo.


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