Interactive and immersive experiences are more memorable than their traditional counterparts like lectures and textbooks. The “learn by doing” element strengthens memory development and increases content retention. The immersive nature of 360-degree virtual experiences gives users an immediate, emotional connection to what they are seeing, hearing, and learning.

Bring immersive learning and marketing wherever you go!

AR is a powerful tool that can enhance any learning experience with immersion and interactivity. You don't need a high-end computer or a VR headset; all you need is your phone and a poster.

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Take the ultimate step towards experiential learning

Virtual reality embodies TPM’s philosophy on experiential learning. Instead of flat videos, PDFs, and textbooks, users can engage with your content in an interactive, immersive, 360-degree experience. Virtual reality engages the brain on every level—visual, auditory, tactile, and kinesthetic—to create the ultimate learning experience that is scientifically proven to leave a greater impact and fuel retention.

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The newest development in XR technology

Mixed reality is the next step forward from augmented reality. The two have similar beginnings where computer imagery (such as 3D models) is superimposed onto the user’s view of the real world. Unlike augmented reality, though, which can obscure and overwrite the view of the real world behind it, mixed reality creates a co-existence between the physical and digital worlds where things like lighting and obstacles affect the 3D images in real time.

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Interactivity and strong instructional design create powerful learning experiences

Here at Tipping Point Media, we pride ourselves on our award-winning, experiential eLearning solutions. Didactic forms of online training, like PDFs that have you “click next” until you reach the end, are unengaging and don’t maximize your learners’ time. Our philosophy for eLearning is to create small, interactive modules that reinforce knowledge over time, keeping learners engaged and building retention.

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Recreate procedures, surgical techniques, and medical devices in a virtual space

Our 3D simulations can recreate products, medical devices, disease states, and procedures in stunning accuracy and detail. Give your learners a hands-on experience walking through the steps of a surgery or how to use and maintain a medical device.

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Multiple Platform GAMIFICATION

Use elements of fun and competitive spirits to better engage learners

Gamification is the art and science of adding elements commonly associated with video games—such as high scores, achievements, leaderboards, and more—into educational and self-help tools. These gamified elements are proven to increase engagement with experiences and drive retention as audiences are motivated to obtain medals and achieve high scores.

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See your messages and material in a brand new format.

Videos have a large amount of versatility, from enhancing patient journeys to guiding users through a virtual experience. They have a multitude of uses, and they come in a variety of forms, from animated to live action. We are able to create videos wherever they’re needed and fuel them with our TPM art and creative design.

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