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Tipping Point Media’s Focal Point In Augmented Reality

There’s plenty of anatomy learning tools, but a quality anatomy assessment tool is hard to find. This is Tipping Point Media’s Focal Point Scavenger Hunt. This augmented reality experience combines two modes of engagement to create an off-the-shelf, easy-to-deploy tool that goes beyond typical anatomy lessons. This eye-focused application can be used to train sales representatives and medical students, educate health care providers and patients, and more.


In this mode of engagement, users are able to explore and interact with a fully rendered 3D model of the human eye. Audiences have a 360-degree view of the eye, including the ability to zoom in and out and view internal anatomy that isn’t normally visible. Hot spots are scattered throughout the experience that go into detail about every facet of eye anatomy, including what individual parts of the eye are called and what functions they serve.


In Challenge Mode, users are inspired to test their anatomy knowledge with a scavenger hunt-styled experience. A series of questions will require audiences to recall information quickly, then test their knowledge of where key points of anatomy are located within the various ocular systems in order to answer the questions. This gamified ‘seek and find’ interpretation on traditional knowledge checks is designed to keep your learners engaged while reinforcing what they’ve learned.


This Eye Anatomy application comes premade with everything listed above; as an off-the-shelf product, it’s an affordable way to quickly deploy quality anatomy learning and assessment to your audiences. However, this solution is also easily customizable to fit your exact training needs. Customize your application to feature disease states and show the effects disease progression can have on the eye and its functionality Connect your application to a TPM CAMPUS dashboard and track your learners’ performance. Refine your training materials in areas where your learners are struggling and optimize the use of your training time and budget to maximize ROI.


Start by selecting between exploration or challenge mode.

Select a mode

In Explore Mode, select a label to continue

Dive deeper into the anatomy to learn more

Select a hot spot to read or hear a description


The Focal Point experience is split between the external structures of the eye and the globe of the eye.