Each of our products and services are customizable and scalable to fit your needs. These off-the-shelf solutions are meant to enhance and highlight your pre-existing content and educate audiences about your brand or product.
Virtual Brand Experience

Launch your new product in a virtual world!

Transform your traditional trade show booth into a virtual brand experience that gives anyone, anywhere, at any time, a stunning 360-degree view of your products and services.

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Experience the immersion of virtual reality without the headset!

Train your sales representatives and test their sales skills against a virtual doctor in this AR application that recreates one-on-one roleplay sessions in a fully virtual setting.

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Test knowledge and team-build in an educational gaming experience!

Challenge your learners with an educational escape room where all of the questions, answers, and puzzles are based on your training materials. Encourage team building as your learners work together to beat the clock and escape the room.

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Meet TPM’s Certification Assessment Management Portal University System; this is CAMPUS.

The Certification Assessment Management Portal University System (CAMPUS for short) is Tipping Point Media’s one-stop shop for tracking and managing your learning solutions and your learners’ progress.

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Witness an illustrated experience through the patient's eyes.

Give your audience a personal, emotional look at disease state and treatment options through beautiful watercolor storytelling.

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Acuity Gaming Suite

Challenge your learners in our augmented reality arena!

Engage learners by training their active recall through captivating gameplay. Test their knowledge by pairing rapid-fire trivia questions paired with a variety of mini games designed to test their memory and decision-making skills.

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