Using Virtual Reality To Apply Learning
Using Virtual Reality to Reinforce Training Tactics

There are many different ways someone can apply what they have learned meaningfully. With the emergence of technology and gaming increasingly accessible as a learning tool, it has allowed for some creative applications of this knowledge

When a top pharmaceutical company was seeking an innovative and exciting way to ensure learners could apply key concepts from the Prescribing Information and Mechanism of Action of their product while building a sense of both team camaraderie and competition among representatives, they reached out to us for a solution. 

In addition to all of the above requirements, they were also seeking ways to reduce costs around launches. The design had to be easily scalable for future brands while increasing engagement.

Using Virtual Reality Environments to Apply Knowledge in Meaningful Ways

The client’s training strategy was directed toward implementing an application-based, experiential model. At the same time, the client wanted to promote a sense of teamwork, camaraderie, and competition among learners without incurring the significant costs involved in time-out-of-territory, travel, and lodging.

The highly innovative Virtual Reality (VR) Escape Room advanced these goals by providing an immersive, experiential, team-centered environment while eliminating the costs associated with centralized classroom training. The VR Escape Room can be leveraged for use at a single site or implemented worldwide by distant learners in a shared experience.

VR Escape Rooms Lead to Results

In the short term, this groundbreaking technology provides a unique, cost-effective, and engaging experience for learners who interact with one another in an environment that is challenging and rewarding. Team-based activities require learners to formulate answers to questions in a timed event. 

The application-focused nature of the virtual experience allows managers to ensure skills are being applied on the job and impacting the organization’s bottom line. The VR Escape Room also provides critical metrics for assessing learner retention and application of information, targeting areas that require improvement for just-in-time remediation and reinforcement.

Equally important, the VR Escape Room technology can be leveraged repeatedly by incorporating new training interventions within the VR framework. The experience supports any type of learning, from foundational skills—such as knowledge of Prescribing Information and disease state—to advanced learning in areas like objection handling, leadership development, and selecting sophisticated treatment options.

Long-Term Results from Using VR Escape Rooms to Apply Knowledge

The feedback on the project was outstanding. The Escape Room provided an ideal virtual environment for learners to simultaneously participate in team events requiring quick recall and learning application.

The long-term impact of the VR Escape Room is revolutionary; it brings learners together in an engaging experience that not only enhances learning and assessment but also significantly reduces the costs associated with future training groups and brands.

Tipping Point Media Can Help Better Your Team Through VR Simulation Tools

No matter what you are trying to accomplish through AR/VR applications, Tipping Point Media is ready to make it a reality for you. Contact us today for more information or to get the ball rolling on getting a demo for your next project.


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