Tipping Point Media develops interactive experiential marketing using new and innovative virtual technologies. We combine creative storytelling and immersive technology to give your brand a lasting impact on your audience. Our marketing products and services are fully customizable and scalable to fit your unique needs.

Holistic Brand Strategy

We partner with you to create a holistic brand strategy across channels, for the entire process, from ideation to product launch and beyond. Whether you are looking to launch a new product, or promote an existing one, our team of diverse talent and expertise can help you build a marketing strategy that resonates with your audience and inspires positive change.

Access and Engagement

Gaining access to doctors will continue to be a challenge in this virtual landscape. Providing innovative, engaging communication with HCPs allows space for empowered learning. The beauty of virtual technology is being able to connect with your audience wherever they are in the world. There are no limits to what we can accomplish when we achieve global collaboration and communication.

Experiential Marketing

Our marketing solutions are optimized for flexible audience targeting. What starts as a virtual brand experience for your HCP audience can easily be re-tailored to target new specialties, launch a new brand or indication, or simply update your messaging strategy. This flexibility is one simple way we provide solutions that are evergreen for years to come.

Immersive Experiences

Experience is the best teacher. Your content is more likely to resonate with your audience when they are absorbing information through interactive experiences. Advanced solutions, like gamification, 3D simulations, and eDetailing with AR/VR are highly effective at driving retention of the material.

Measurement and ROI

Tipping Point Media solutions are built with tracking and analytics top of mind. Our expertise in instructional design allows us to consider objectives and business goals from the very beginning. With our tracking capabilities, you can see how your audience is engaging with material, and innovative VR tracking tools that can store metrics like eye movements, body language, and even facial expressions help to indicate engagement and retention.


Consulting is a benefit of TPM’s one-stop-shop mentality. We want to help you highlight the finished product that we build together. Our team of marketing experts are intuitive, precise, and agile when it comes to simple strategic insights that make a big impact. You can request custom reports on audience research and insights, CRM strategy, social media strategy, and more. Our consulting service can be added onto a finished product we have helped you create, or it can be an entirely independent service when you need to promote existing products or content in the most engaging and memorable way possible.