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    Benchmarking & ROI


    Metrics help the client identify learning patterns and assess the effectiveness of the training. All activity can be tracked, measured and reported to an LMS, a database or a live leaderboard for real time results. Monitoring this data will enable trainers to adjust curriculum
    based on performance.



    Live and virtual meetings are an integral part of the training process. Face-to-face meetings build camaraderie, connectivity and a high level of engagement. During this phase training plans take action.

    Delivery & Solutions


    With the client, we assess technological and creative solutions and how the application will be delivered. In this step, we determine which vehicle best suits the project's objectives and goals. We factor in the production timeline, budget and technical requirements to arrive at the most impactful and effective medium.

    Project Development


    The Discovery Phase is where our teams and your stakeholders collaborate, brainstorm, and share concepts and ideas. In this process, we collectively determine all of the areas of expertise needed for the project. We develop a comprehensive storyboard that will dictate the path of the project from start to finish. Once this blueprint is mutually agreed upon we are ready to begin production.



    The first step in our process is identifying our client's training objectives and understanding their learners. We aim to stimulate your learner's senses and drive their passion for knowledge. TPM customizes education that embodies the different styles of cognitive learning auditory, visual and kinesthetic.

    Our Services

    Virtual Training

    • ◂ Learning & Users

      Sales Representatives | Customers | Marketers
      Physicians & Medical Students | K-12 Education

    • ◂ Project Development

      Curriculum Design | Instructional Design
      Interactive Design/User Experience | Medical Writing
      Medically-Certified 3D Illustration and Animation

    • ◂ Delivery & Solutions

      eLearning & Experiential Learning | Mobile Learning
      eMagazines & Modules | Gamification
      3D Simulations (Virtual Preceptorships & eVironments)
      Augmented Reality

    • ◂ Access

      Live/Virtual Meetings & Training Workshops
      Product Launches & National Sales Meetings | Evaluation & Coaching Opportunities | Performance Development
      Product and Training Certifications

    • ◂ Benchmarking & ROI

      Measure Retention | Identify Learning Gaps |
      Track Performance | Report Results

    Digital Marketing

    • Audience ▸

      Customers | Non-Customers | Physicians
      Patients | Patient Advocates

    • Project Focus ▸

      Market Research | Strategic Planning | Brand Strategy | Customer Education | Campaign & Messaging

    • Touchpoints & Tactics ▸

      Experiential & Interactive Marketing | Brand Experience | Gamification
      3D Simulations (Virtual & Augmented Reality) | eDetailing

    • Reach ▸

      eMarketing (Websites, Online Publications) | Tradeshows & Exhibits
      Live & Virtual Meetings | Social Media & Networking

    • Metrics & ROI ▸

      Measure Reach | Gauge Effectiveness | Track Activity | Report Data
      Search Engine Optimization


    Planting a seed

    We believe the key to every successful project begins with great understanding of the targeted audience. At the onset of every project, TPM conducts audience and target market analyses. Demographics and insight into an audience's attitudes, beliefs, emotions and values will help determine the most effective way to reach them.

    Project Focus

    Branching Out

    Through a combination of comprehensive research and planning we collaborate with our clients to allocate resources, strategize ways to educate the customer, increase reach and foster growth.


    Rooted in Experience

    Observing how an audience retains knowledge and having a deep understanding of the client's objectives helps us to determine the most effective and engaging ways to deliver a message.


    Coming to Fruition

    Once the application is decided upon, the next part of the marketing process is determining a venue or media to ensure messaging is reaching the target audience at an appropriate time.

    Metrics & ROI

    Measuring the Fruits of our Labor

    Throughout a product's lifecycle, it is vital to measure the effectiveness and reach of the marketing plan tactics and track growth. Gathering metrics assists in strengthening the strategy over time, planning for future campaigns and setting the brand apart from the competition.


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