Tipping Point Media creates educational experiences that combine a metacognitive approach to learning, emotional storytelling, and cutting-edge technology to engage audiences, inspire change and exceed your project goals.


We take the time to get to know you, research your target audience, and evaluate your goals to design a full-scale experiential strategy. Whether you need to train sales representatives on a new product before it launches, raise awareness and captivate audiences of new customers, showcase device usage and procedure techniques for HCPs in the field, or introduce students to new STEMM concepts in the classroom, we design an educational experience that targets your audience’s unique needs and maximizes their time in the virtual classroom.


Our highly trained digital artisans are dedicated to quality. Our diverse team of experts includes solution strategists, instructional designers, medically certified 3D animators, medical writers, and user experience designers. Your subject matter experts will work closely with our team to create a final product that is engaging, innovative, and award-winning.


We push learning outside of didactic presentations, un-engaging webinars and passive videos. Our experiential learning takes advantage of the latest innovations in technology to reach your audiences where they learn best. Use virtual, augmented, or mixed reality technology to engage your users on a whole new level. Take your audience on a journey with a Virtual Brand Experience. Create simulations to give your learners a kinesthetic experience. Develop serious games that teach through fun and rewarding gameplay loops. Design experiences optimized for phones and tablets to reach your audiences on the go. We’ll work with you to analyze your audience’s unique needs and translate those needs into an educational experience that’s hand-crafted to resonate with internal teams and external customers alike.


We specialize in creating virtual experiences that are easily accessible across a variety of mediums and devices. We believe in technology-agnostic learning, where virtual experiences can be accessed on a number of different systems and devices to maximize dissemination. Once your initial project has launched, we’ll continue to work by your side to expand your current audience and explore new possibilities. Use simulations to check your learners’ knowledge of procedures and techniques. You’re your data and science with an emotional story that inspires your learners. Port experiences to new devices and make your initiatives accessible to brand-new audiences. Take advantage of new technologies as they emerge, like turning old AR apps into brand-new WebAR experiences. Whether you’re building something brand-new or modernizing something old, we provide flexible, forward-thinking solutions to fit your needs.


We build solutions with tracking and analytics top of mind. Our virtual experiences are proven to help you increase your return on investment. Track your audiences as they progress through the material, ensure your goals are being met, and we will help you identify and solve any issues impeding your training and marketing goals. We’ll help you to integrate your virtual experiences with CAMPUS, Tipping Point Media’s personal and customizable tracking and management platform, and show you how to utilize user data in a way that maximizes time spent and ROI.