Tipping Point Media creates virtual training and marketing experiences backed by a scientific approach to drive retention and engagement. By combining experiential learning, creative storytelling, and advanced technology, we build innovative training and marketing solutions that set a new industry standard.

Pre-Launch Training

Our Virtual and hybrid training solutions can be leveraged for training sales representatives on new products, introducing physicians and medical students to device usage and procedure techniques, MOA training, and more. At Tipping Point Media, we customize your training to target your audience’s unique needs and fulfill your learning objectives.

Project Development

Our highly trained digital artisans are dedicated to quality. Our diverse team of experts includes instructional designers, medically certified 3D illustrators and animators, medical writers, graphic designers, and user experience designers. Your subject matter experts will work closely with our team to create a final product that is engaging, innovative, and visually stunning.

Delivery and Solutions

We push training beyond standard lectures and textbooks. Our training solutions come in every form to reach your learners where they learn best. Use AR/VR technology to engage your learners on a whole new level. Create simulations to give your learners a kinesthetic experience. Gamify elements to drive retention. Or create materials optimized for phones and tablets for your learners on the go.


We specialize in creating virtual solutions that are easily accessible across different mediums and devices. Utilize our simulations to certify learners on product and procedure usage, or engage with our eLearning and AR/VR tools to train and refine skills over time. Explore phone apps and bite-sized modules to train learners while they’re on the go, or apply webinars and facilitated experiences in person. Whether you are launching a brand-new product or revamping existing content, we provide flexible training solutions to fit your needs.

Benchmarking and ROI

We build solutions with tracking and analytics top of mind. Track your learners’ progress through the material, observe any gaps in knowledge, and we will help you identify and solve any issues. We work alongside your existing Learning Management System or can help to integrate your virtual training with CAMPUS, Tipping Point Media’s personal and customizable tracking and management platform.